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Wedding Day Stress

SPECIAL PACKAGE Connecting Energetically (REMOTELY)

  • 45 min
  • 239 US dollars
  • 3 sessions - 45 minutes each

Service Description

Wedding Day Stress As a Bride you look forward to your wedding day for months, years and sometimes your whole life! When the day arrives the jitters of creating the perfect day for you and your guests can easily become overwhelming. Those emotions of anxiety, frustration and worry can consume you, losing the true meaning of the day. Reiki is used to balance, cleanse, and strengthen your energy centers by clearing all the excess noise so you are able to stay centered and remain calm on your special day. Reiki allows you to slow down, take a step back, a deep breath, and solidify that beautiful connection with your partner. Reiki will help keep you grounded and able to disassociate from all the stress and of being overwhelmed. It helps kept you present in the moment. Reiki instills a feeling of peace within you so you experience your day from a place of ease and grace. Each Bride is different, therefore I work with you to create the perfect custom experience that will suit your needs. Please contact me to set up a consultation. My intention is to start your day off in the most peaceful way so you can carry that calmness throughout your special day and truly enjoy the experience from a place of love!

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