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reiki session With Crystals



Reiki Sessions:

With Crystals

60 minutes $129.00

Combining the ancient healing treatment of Reiki with the healing nature of crystals can enhance, speed up and strengthen both therapeutic techniques with significant results.

The crystals vibrate at the same pitch as the human body and as a result can enhance healing and combat the pitch (resonance) caused by illness. You can use crystals to balance physical, emotional and spiritual energy, channel the vital life force and remove negativity. 

The purpose of a laying on of stones is to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well-being. The healer's role is to be comforting, supportive and non- judgmental, giving the client safety to release these emotions and talk. This is part of the healing process.

If the stone does not feels uncomfortable during the Reiki healing with crystals it should be moved or removed. A stone that feels good when first placed on the body can change when its energy has been absorbed.


The practitioner and the client work together closely in this manner.

Download the Reki Wavier and fill it out when making your appointment. 

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