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Debbie McNerney did Reiki on me when she first got certified. It was my first experience with Reiki. My experience made me a believer.

When Debbie put her hands on me I immediately felt her energy and warmth passing from her hands and onto my body. I had pain on my left knee that day. Her hands were drawn to that area and she asked me if I had any pain there. I was very impressed by that. When she got to my knee I felt a lot of heat and energy from her hands concentrated in this area. 

It’s as though her hands were an instrument. Couldn’t believe so much heat can come from someone’s hands. Afterwards I felt relief in my knee. I couldn’t believe it.

I do not like taking medication so I’m always open to alternative medicines and treatments. Especially through natural healing modalities.

I am a witness that Debbie McNerney can heal through Reiki. 
It gave me hope and encouragement that we don’t have to rely on drugs for pain.



Eva Ferrante

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