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Distance Reiki

Distance Healing Session:

This session is done Remotely!

45 minutes $99.00

Skeptical about receiving Reiki from a distance? (Remotely)

How does it work and how am I able to do it? The answer is simple: Energy knows no distance and no time. It can travel from one country to another, as well as between dimensions. One can send healing energy to the past and also direct it towards a future event. The key to a successful Reiki session is intention. Reiki works just as effectively as sending love or even a positive thought form to someone across the room without touching or talking to them. 

Particular Situation Reiki:

Do you need support and guidance regarding a particular situation? Whether it be a current or upcoming situation, Reiki will support the best outcome.  Situations usually involves multiple people and spans of time, and Reiki will address all these variables. I’ve found that Distance Reiki is best suited for Particular Situation Reiki.

Pet Reiki:

Most pets and animals love Reiki. Often, pets have emotional trauma from their past handling (especially rescue animals), and Reiki’s emotional healing modalities, in conjunction with transcending time and space, can work towards a positive resolution and healing. Distance healing is very effective.



Before the session:

We will have a brief discussion either by phone or email, whichever is more convenient for you

to discuss your situation and what your intentions are. It's important that we establish what you would like to work on during the session and also why you chose Reiki as a healing alternative so that the energy can travel directly to where both our intentions will be set. It also helps me establish a better understanding of your needs. 


Reiki always goes to where it is needed & can only be used for good.


To be fully present and enjoy the experience, I recommend to my clients; that you set some time for yourself 

to sit or lie down comfortably with your eyes closed in a clam space.  Relax & Meditate (10 – 15 minutes prior to the 

session)  just to release and let go of all of the days experiences. You can light a candle or burn incense, play some relaxing music if that helps you to disconnect from the outside world. This is not needed!  Only a suggestion!


After the session:

Journaling your experience once completed would be helpful so we can discuss briefly on how it went 

& what you can do at home to further the healing process.



What to expect during a session:


Some clients have felt deeply relaxed without having any of the physical symptoms listed below. The experience will be unique to you & your individual needs.  Some people are simply more sensitive to the energy than others. You may simply not be able to feel it instantly but the energy is working its magic no matter what, even after the session is done. 


Give yourself a few days to really notice its effect. Just because one may feel more sensations than another does not indicate that the experience was more effective for them. ​


Some people have reported feeling tingling sensations, energy pulls, waves of energy, hot/cold sensations, overwhelming emotions, chakras opening, a flow of love, less anxiety/more positivity, calmness and happiness, decreasing physical pain, chills and more...It is not rare that some people fall asleep!

                                 Reiki works every time, even if you don't believe in it. 



What can we heal? Together we can improve and heal;  

• Emotional blockages

• Physical injuries and pain

• muscle tension

• Past traumas

• Phobias and fears

• Addictions and cravings

• The immune system

• Relationship imbalances

• Stress and anxiety

• Depression

• Negative thought pattern

• Sleeping disorders and chronic fatigue

• Self-esteem

• Chakra imbalances and more! 

Reiki helps you; 

- Reconnect with your Higher-Self, promoting spiritual growth

- Shed old energies & patterns that are no longer serving you

- Heal your Inner Child

- Promote mental clarity & focus

- Clear and release toxins from your body 

- Develop a more gentle and loving relationship with yourself

- Heighten your self-awareness and intuition

- Unlock suppressed feelings

- Help you gain clarity on your current blockages  

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