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reiki session


Reiki Sessions:
45 minutes $99.00

Reiki is an ancient and gentle, non-invasive form of stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes natural healing by increasing the flow of the Universal Life Force Energy by placement of the hands on or just above the client. This energy already exists in all living things; Reiki simply intensifies the flow of this energy for all-encompassing body, mind and spirit healing. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word Rei meaning Universal/Spiritual Consciousness and Ki, which means life force or energy. Reiki is an excellent complementary form of healing that works well with all other healing modalities. It is not meant to be a substitute for Western medicine when needed. Reiki can help the healing process with all types of ailments: physical, spiritual, and mental/emotional. The purpose of Reiki is to bring additional energy to the body for use in healing. It works to bring your body into complete harmony. Reiki can only be used for good and always goes where it is needed most. In a Reiki session, the majority of my clients lay down but one can remain seated as well. Like a massage, Reiki is very relaxing, however, unlike a massage, the client is fully clothed! Some Reiki practitioners do not touch their clients whereas others do like the element of touch. I only touch head, shoulders, hands, knees and feet with client permission.

Download the Reki Wavier and fill it out when making your appointment. 

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