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6 sessions - 30 minutes each (DONE REMOTELY) Includes

  • 30 min
  • 297 US dollars
  • 6 sessions - 30 minutes each

Service Description

Reiki works across time & space. Energy is boundless. There is no place in the universe where energy is not. Quantum physics has taught us that energy is not limited by time and space. Reiki practitioners can therefore conduct very distant healings as long as we are informed by intention. Intention is the key to Reiki. When we set an intention to connect with a particular person, place, situation, or time in order to send healing or to bring balance and send positive energy, Reiki begins to flow. Some describe it as being dialed into a frequency that opens the channel, asking Reiki to flow to a particular person, place, or time. Our intention shows Reiki where our need is and where we are ready to begin our healing work at this present moment. You can book distance Reiki sessions to help your business or work or to erase difficult times in your life. Reiki can be sent to help with events, both past and present for example a forthcoming exam, or job interview … or help heal difficult times such as a bereavement or divorce. Distance Reiki sessions could help in so many other ways, perhaps to create a harmony in your home or workplace.

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